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A few of my favourite photos

Jasmine Miniature Schnauzer in her favourite spot on the back of the chair
A view across fields in Steep, Hampshire
Red - Section D Welsh looking over the gate
Lizzy and Blacky - Miniature Schnauzers sat on the sofa
Border Terriers and Miniature Schnauzer puppies
3 Daisy and Primrose protecting their toys
Beautiful red Rose in the garden
Border Collie puppies waiting at the top of the stairs
Border Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer puppies
A view across fields through a gap in the hedge
Jasmine - Miniature Schnauzer looking cute sat in the grass
Brown Sugar - Jersey cow laying on the floor
A path into the woods in Steep, Hampshire
Yorkie - Farm cat strutting across the field
Chance, Tan and Bess - Border Collies relaxing in the field
Not A Puppy Farm in the snow
Chance - Border Collie and Lucky - Jack Russell relaxing in the field
Bess - Border Collie sitting in the house
Bouncer - Alsatian and Tubs - Labrador Collie x laying in the field
Rose - Border Terrier sitting in the conservatory
Poppy - Border Terrier sitting in the chair
Border Terrier puppy in the conservatory
Misty - Jack Russell sitting by the fence
Sheep, in the dog kennel
Chance - Border Collie sitting in the field
Miniature Schnauzers and Border Terriers relaxing in the gardern
Ali - Thoroughbred horse in a field
Jasper - Labrador Spaniel x sitting in the garden
Lucky - Jack Russell sat in the chair
Tubs - Labrador Collie x laying on the lounge floor
Misty and Henry Jack Russells in the conservatory
A view across a field, with hills in the background
Bob - Suffolk Punch x horse looking over his stable door
Orange flowers in the garden
Farm cats and Lucky - Jack Russell playing together
Josephine - Pot Bellied Pig and her new born piglets
Jersey cow and her new born calf
Hereford Friesian x cows in a field
A Blue Tit leaving it's box
Flowers in the garden
Chickens roaming free
Wyndham Defiant - Section D Welsh horse looking muddy in a field
3 Border Terriers in the garden
3 Border Terriers in the garden
3 Miniature Schnauzers on the chair
3 Border Terriers in the garden
Border Terriers - The pack
Sheep in a field with an amazing dark sky
Miniature Schnauzer puppies all packed into a small basket and looking cute
Primrose relaxing on the table
Rocky and Acer in the sunshine
Tagete and Lily
Border Terrier
Border Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer
Waterfall in Steep, Petersfield
Brown Sugar and the girls - cows in a field
Bob - Suffolk Punch x horse and Jack Toggenburg billy goat playing together in a field
Bess and Tan - Border Collies and Misty - Jack Russell all sat in the back of the car